Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Peace Tree Day will be celebrated in six cities in 2008: Toronto, City of Vaughan, York Region, Windsor, Hamilton and for the first time in Calcutta, India. The Toronto celebration will be held on June 2nd at Denlow P.S. in the Bayview/York Mills area from 4:00 to 7:30p.m. Enjoy workshops on 'How to make origami paper cranes,' ''How to play African drums,' 'Mehndi workshops'and enjoy drinks from different cultures at the Peace Tree Stand as we help children raise funds for Unicef Myanmar Relief fund and Free the Children. Join us to celebrate peace and diversity together through the Peace Tree Spirit!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

PeaceTreeSpirit - Postcard project by Kids!!

Peace Tree Day Introduction

Peace Tree Day, inspired by the award-winning film The Peace Tree by Mitra Sen, is an annual festival for children and families of every culture and faith to celebrate peace and diversity TOGETHER! Children around the world are creating Peace Trees that highlight symbols from all our cultures and faiths on one tree to reflect the beauty of 'diversity in unity'. Peace Tree Day, which takes place on June 1st every year, is celebrated in cities, organizations, classrooms, homes and through school boards. The festival inspires children to take pride in their heritage and to share it with others, while also discovering the vibrant cultures, traditions and festivals arounds the world. It is also a time to encourage young people to share their talents and develop compassion for others. Students from diverse backgrounds will work together by combining elements from different cultures, to create new forms of art, which will help raise funds to assist underprivileged children around the globe. Peace Tree Day will inspire young people to contribute to society while they explore and celebrate the beauty of every culture and faith to create peace in our world.
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Monday, August 27, 2007

NY,NJ Independent Post card Sharing...

Dear wonderful people...for the past two days, i have been doing the postcard painting with a few kids at the comfort of their homes because they were so excited about the WWPCS
Three of them Dani, Ally and Kevin from New York and three kids Alec, James and Alen from New Jersey participated in the postcard sharing event...It was such an inspiring experience for me to have seen these kids draw and paint for kids in other parts of the world...
So, parents or anyone who knows kids who will be interested in doing this in your house can contact us at and we will make sure your kid connects with another child in a different part of the world...
We are here to connect kids..and bring them all together...their innocent yet powerful minds which can perceive the greatest of truths with utmost simplicity...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007




We are so excited to inform you all that we have extended the WWPCS to another country - FRANCE!!
We are grateful to our friend and teacher Ms.Lalitakumari for her efforts in making this possible and connecting kids from France...
This is the fourth country that has participated in this post card sharing...we have so far conducted WWPCS in schools in India, Canada, New Jersey-USA and France...
Please get in touch with us if you want your kids to join this...we will be glad to connect you...with kids across the world...
You can even do the post card sharing from the comfort of your home...all you have to do is...
1. collect as many kids you can from your neighborhood...
2. give them some colors and postcards...
3. ask them to draw anything they want for kids across the world...
4. write their names and their age...
5. and send it to us or any of the addresses given in this blog the schools directly...
6. please take one group photo of the kids after they are done so we can upload it in the blog site... let us know so we can send painted postcards from different countries to your kids who participated in WWPCS...

Saturday, July 7, 2007

World kids interaction

Dear kids,

Chidren from various places have started interacting with their fellow friends from different countries. Here is a correspondence that is inspiring.

Dear Neil and friends,

Today 15 children of Siragu have come to our office in city for knowledge gathering. In part of that they wrote a letter and would like to send u the same.

a group of children together framed their own words and sharing their views with you. (Ramana(4th std), Dhasaradhan(7th std), Nitish Kumar(5th std), Maheswaran (5th std). (will have many grammer mistakes but still their heart filled with love for u all).

Uma and Muthuram
Siragu Montessori School

Dear Peace Neil,

How are you. We thank you for your email. Which time you come to my Siragu Montessori School. In which city you live Neil. You send your group photo to our Madam's office - Suyam Charitable Trust.

Which class you study. Which school you study. In your school, you get first rank or second rank? How many members in your family. tell the members name. What is your phone number. Please tell your address.

Thanks for your emails.
by Siragu Children

Muthuram: Dear Neil, in the month of April 2007, 20 children of Siragu along with some staff been to foot hills of HIMALAYS. A knowledge sharing tour. They interacted with many children over there, moved with tribal people and interviewed them and various other programs held over there. One of the day, our children given a party to elders of the school SIDH over there.

the special thing is our named the party as PEACE WORLD PARTY
(will send you the photos separately in next mail and also will upload in siragu blogspot). Children themselves prepared vegetable and fruit salads and with the waste of dry fruits and nuts, they have designed the word PEACE WORLD PARTY and it has more fun and enjoyment.

send us your reply.

with warm regards.